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Christalle Sligo

My Approach

My approach to my work never has a similar structure, what needs to come through for my client, will always come through via my connection to their higher self, or the subconscious subtle cues, that your body shows me. 

In the beginning of the session we will spend a lot of time chatting, allowing me to go deeper to access the triggers to your issues . I tune into the energy of your highest self, and begin to ask questions. I look for dense energy, physical pain, emotional trauma, energetic blocks, messages from passed loved ones, messages from your spirit guides, and I also tune into the exact year specific traumas that have affected you in your life and what they are.


We spend a lot of time talking about these traumas, in order to allow them to come up and be released. Once we have spent time working out what the blockages or issues are, we go into full mediation mode where I channel and use energy healing to help begin shift the dense energy. I then use my hands on modality of ConTact C.A.R.E Flinchlock to release any trapped bone pressure associated with your issues you have come to see me for.

My philosophy on my healing is to always keep the client safe, comfortable and free from physical pain. My healing style is very gentle, painless and relaxing. You have the option to choose a reading where I get clear messages and use oracle cards, or a mediumship session to connect to a loved one, or a full intuitive session.

I also offer house, building and land clearings where spirits of the land will come to me and share information before they are passed over to the star system of 'home' as I like to call it. Souls trapped in the earth plane live in a dark void and can create a bit of havoc and dense energy because of the trauma they experienced when they were alive. I speak to them with love and kindness to sort and shift any issues. Often bringing through messages and stories from the land that I could never know. Always resonating with the people involved.

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