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      I had a treatment with Cristalle during pregnancy. I was experiencing hip pain due to sleeping on my side. The method she uses to release the pain is safe, relaxing, non-invasive and very effective. One treatment and my hip pain was completely gone.

Once I'd had my baby I noticed a pattern after a couple of weeks of colic/reflux episodes at night. I took her to see Cristalle and my daughter was like a different child at night. She was calm and sleepy and it put an end to the projectile vomiting for good. I felt so relieved to have a natural, side-effect free treatment as an option rather than jumping straight down the medication route.

-Kate - Gisborne 22/02/21

Cristalle Sligo doing Contact Care.jpg
Cristalle Sligo with Contact Care client

      I have been going through a lot at the moment. Cristalle has helped me alot in the past with ConTact C.A.R.E & when I saw the online readings I knew this is what I needed. 

Cristalle confirmed everything I already knew in my heart I had to do, but my mind was playing tricks on me and trying to get me to a place I was not ready for just yet.

 I highly recommend her, she has a very special gift and if you are in need of answers or just some confirmations, then book in to see her! AMAZING.

- A. - Tauranga 22/08/21

    Upon meeting Cristalle I felt her energy and knew I was meant to be there. I went in believing I was a fibromyalgia suffer. I’d lived with pain and fatigue for years and always feeling unwell and lethargic. My immunity was absolutely crap. In the 1.5 hour session things happened that I don’t even know how to explain and I’ve not even tried to analyse it in any way… Every emotion whirred through my body and during the meditation I had tears streaming but I couldn’t explain it. A weight lifted from me so much so that I felt instantly lighter and warm and fuzzy. Cristalle in my eyes performed a miracle that day. 


I have a newfound calm and positive energy surrounding me. I’ve been 100% well since my session and I’ve been surrounded at work and home by illness but I’ve remained well. 


I cannot thank Cristalle enough but what I can say is the one session I had with her has changed my life forever. I’m a new person… happy, healthy and smashing goals. I will be forever grateful and will always stay in touch with Cristalle as she’s been like an Angel to me. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

- Gemma Gardiner 

Cristalle Sligo doing Contact Care.jpg
Cristalle Sligo with Contact Care client.jpg

    My daughter has been able to see spirit her whole life. It became a problem from about the age of 5. They (spirits) would not leave her along day and night. For the last 3 1/2 years my husband has tried everything to help our little girl. Not two nights would go by without my little girl waking up petrified. Many sleepless nights, as all mums know, is not healthy for the whole family.


Then I met Cristalle, HALLELUJAH! I gave her the re-run of everything, and after one session with Cristalle, my daughter was noticeably calmer, happier AND sleeping through the night! I could not believe it!


Cristalle is a true healer - an Earth angel. And I thank my lucky stars everyday for finding Cristalle who has helped my gorgeous girl become happier, healthier and calmer. Thank you so much Cristalle.

- Whangamata, NZ

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