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Christalle Anne Sligo

Workshops & Mentorship Programmes

I love nothing more than bringing together a group of people to participate in spiritual workshops. The combined energy of everyone there is so potent and the ascension and confidence that manifests is amazing.

Ascension Mentorship is my main focus, where we develop your intuition, confidence in giving and receiving guided messages, connection to your higher self, your spirit guides, the ancestors, the archangels and ascended masters and other beings of light.


Here you will learn to channel Archangel Michael to give and receive energy healing. We spend time meditating to bring through messages and activate the third eye.

To develop your intuition you will be taught how to use divination tools such as oracle cards, pendulums, and muscle testing. As well as learning how to decipher all forms of messages from spirit such as numbers, synchronicities, animal symbols, dreams and much more.

No course is ever the same as spirit will always guide the session based on the collective consciousness of the group.

I am open to travelling around New Zealand to host workshops in your area. If this resonates please get in touch.

Also keep an eye out on my events page for upcoming workshops, retreats and zoom mentorship programmes.

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