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12 Weeks to Inner Harmony


Goal and Intention Setting

Daily Rituals to Support Goals

Weekly Accountability Zoom Calls


What are you feeling frustrated about?  Work?  Relationships?  Finances? Health?  Lack of time?  You are not where you feel you wish to be in your life?

“FRUSTRATION is a necessary emotion, it is the trigger that alerts us to the fact that you are unhappy with the current situation and it is time for a change. If you turn your frustrations into positive emotions, you will allow yourself to make the changes in your life. If you continue to live with frustrations, this will only manifest in stress related physical symptoms and affect your total well being. Either allow the frustration to manifest in your body and suffer physical ailments associated with stress, or see the frustration as the gift it truly is, then make the changes to improve your life journey”. Mel Brown,

ACTION leads to Solution….. Actively Rest Meditate Exercise in nature Choose life-force food Choose how you react Choose who you let into your life Choose to say yes or no Observe your Choices Choose consistency And see what unfolds…….or what CHANGES in your life to positively impact you……


I would like to offer you the opportunity to work 1:1 with me, on a 12 week journey to inner harmony. With my ability to access the quantum field, your higher spirit, multi-dimensions and my no BS approach to self-love, you have all the ingredients to support you on a self-care, inner harmony journey based on YOUR needs, tailored to YOUR specific goals. I will be taking on 6 people only, working during a time period that suits you. Confirmation and payment will need to be made by January 7th 2024. Please dm if you need more information. Warmest Regards, Mauri Aroha, Cristalle Anne xx

What previous mentorship clients have said:

"I loved working with Cristalle on our 8 week mentorship programme. She is an amazing intuitive heeler and contact care practitioner. There is no time wasting with Cristalle. She guided me through each session explaining where I was and how to navigate the steps to move forward. The shifts in energy are profound! If life is on a boring rinse and repeat cycle - book some sessions with Cristalle- I thoroughly recommend her!"

energy exchange


12 weeks of 1:1 support and guidance

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