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We work together to hold space for you to release deep wounds.. Using a combination of healing modalities. Each individual session is so unique and special to our client. You can expect a combination of eastern, original and traditional Maori healing practices, Karakia & Waiata using taonga puoro (traditional Maori instruments). 

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Cristalle and Lance did womb clearing on me for trauma I had experienced through life, and also my child (my son, 8 years old)


This experience was an amazing thing to have happen. Releasing pain I had lived with almost my whole life. Never knowing how or when it would leave. I have been doing counselling for coming up 5 years and have learnt how to process and deal with my emotion. But the pain still held on. I had a very intense session, as I as willing to release everything. This was an amazing experience, I felt and saw things that my inner self needed to feel and see. This gave me closure for so much in my life. 

The after effect of this healing has released all the pain, guilt, shame, anger and sadness I held on too. My vibration is now at new higher level, which I also knew I had, but was unable to reach this by myself. I can't thank these two beautiful souls enough for their work and all their energy they put into working with me. If you have things you can work past, or a feeling/emotion you can't release and work through. This healing is definitely going to help you get through it and release what doesn't serve you.


My son's experience, they made a very safe space for him. He was completely relaxed and actually fell asleep during the session. He said he felt safe and comfortable the whole time. They were very accommodating for him, and when telling me things that he didn't need to listen to or hear yet. Lance took him out to learn about the Maori instruments and play with them. He was none the wiser as to what was going on. I would highly recommend this to you if your child has things you can't seem to work around. Sometimes they can't explain and don't know how to explain what they are feeling or even know where there feelings and emotions are coming from. The things I learnt about my son from this will definitely help me guide him better through life.


I also did an online session with Cristalle before my healing. This was the starting point of my self healing journey.

This released attachments I had and this calmed my inner self. I know that all the emotions I felt, voices I would hear and the state of not being my true self, was not my ture self. But was the attachments I had let in through my low vibration level I had had through out my life. Allowing myself to realise I'm am amazing, I am respected and I am a strong person. I know I can now feel all things I want to feel about myself and I have entered a new chapter of my life full of self love, self respect and self confidence.


Carrying on from this journey, I had both Cristalle and Lance do a house clearing. This was just as amazing. She found all the negative energies and portals, and energy that no longer served for the good and souls that needed help to move on to their star/soul families. My house is now open and I see places I once didn't like to acknowledge or be in. 


The work they do as a duo is amazing, I can't recommend them enough. This duo is life changing. I wish them all the best for this new journey they are embarking on. Highly recommend from me. I will continue to do work with them. Cristalle is the most intuitive and in-tune person I have ever meet. Understanding and seeing things that you need or don't need in your life. I can't wait to continue my journey.


Thank you to both of you for giving me my inner self back and working with my son also. Thank you for everything. Was the most amazing 3 days.

Alyce, NZ

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