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7 Day Activation - Online

Jul 29, 2024 - Aug 4, 2024


This course is designed to help you activate your spiritual side in a soft and gentle manner, helping you tap into your own intuition, your own inner healer and activate your third eye to help you see and feel your messages from your subconscious mind, your spiritual team and passed loved ones, depending what you are ready and comfortable with. With Cristalle’s experience and guidance you will only experience what you are ready to receive. This can be as gentle or as intense as you wish it to be. The power lies within you and your own free will and boundaries. Just as we have free will and boundaries with humans, it is the same in the spiritual realm. We will begin the journey with a live zoom call with Cristalle 8pm Monday evening, she will answer any questions you may have, and will open the group with a safe and gentle guided meditation. She will educate and support you in how to meditate and receive the subtle messages from the spiritual realm. For the rest of the course she will do a live training followed by a guided meditation and some homework to help you activate. The meditations that come through will be channeled and guided in the moment. No meditation or healing journey Cristalle takes you on is ever the same as it is the energy and needs of the group that determine each session. Tailored specifically for what is required in that moment. Flowing like this with spirit with no set plan allows for the purest divine messages to come through. She basically says what she is seeing in her mind's eye. It is a beautiful experience to be a part of. The last session will also conclude with a bonus zoom call with live q&a’s. Join the private facebook group and listen to the daily live training and mediations live or at a later time, when time and family commitments allow. These will commence at 12pm each week day. The first zoom call will be on Monday evening at 8pm, the last one will be Sunday evening at 8pm. The facebook group will be open for two weeks.



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